Board of Directors

We are so happy with the quality of people who are a part of the United Martial Arts Alliance. We have school owners of the highest quality in ethics, morality and martial art ability, including their students and families. Our Board of Directors are personally chosen for due to their dedication to the martial arts, the amount time they have been training in the martial arts and their community effort as well as their technical ability and leadership qualities.

Professor Bob Austin - President

Professor Bob Austin is a career martial artists with two schools in Colorado. He is a practitioner of multiple martial arts and currently teaches and eclectic blend with his base being Kenpo. He decided long ago, he was not happy with the politics in the martial arts and founded an organization free of politics, styles and organizational frustration.


Professor Austin founded the UMAII with the one goal to create unison within many martial art styles and ideals and continues to do that till this day. His camp is one of the very best available with a wide range of instructors from a very well rounded blend of disciplines.

Hanshi Ron Carlson - Senior Advisor

"My first introduction to the martial arts was in 1954 when, at the age of 17, I joined the U.S. Marine Corps and was introduced to hand to hand combat." Ron was assigned as a military policeman in the San Diego area at the end of the Korean War. "A lot of G.I.'s were bringing back Martial Arts from Okinawa, Japan, Korea, and China. My first Kempo teacher was a brown belt in an Okinawan system and we would train in our off duty time and on weekends."


Upon his return to the Denver area in 1958 there were only two martial arts schools in the area, both teaching Judo. In 1963, Ron's Judo and Shotakan Karate instructor returned from a three week trip to California to announce that the school was changing to Kempo and Gung Fu. Ron has been in love with Kempo ever since.


"I was introduced to Mitosi's Kosho Shori Ryu Kempo in 1981. In around 1986 I merged the Kuo-Jen Lu Kung Fu system which was developed by a dear friend, Sifu Wayne Welsh and his senior student Sifu Ray Tarkington." That merging gave birth to Gow-Ren-Lu ("The path to becoming a better human being") Kempo and Gung Fu, the system that Ron has taught since 1994.

Senior Grand Master Don Phillip (Soke) - Senior Advisor

Started his training in Kamishin Jiu Jitsu in 1969 under Al Church Jr. On February 1st 2002 Professor Phillip became the17th inheritor of the system. Soke Phillip along with his son Soke Dai Scott Phillip continue to teach the art of kamishin throughout the US. Including Colorado,Wyoming, Nevada, California. Nebraska, & South Dakota.


Nippon Kobudo Kamishin Ryu Jujitsu (Japanese Ancient Martial Way Devine Heart Style) is considered a non-classical style that is rich in classical Japanese tradition.


Kamishin Ryu Jujitsu is a consolidation of several forms of Japanese Jujitsu including the Shinyo Ryu, Takaguchi Ryu, Daiyoshin Ryu, Enrei Ryu, and Hakko Ryu. It is an Aiki-Jutsu form being performed in a circular application designed to immobilize the attacker by directing him to a face down prone position. Though it is indeed aiki-jutsu, it is not to be confused with the modern Aikido art. Kamishin Ryu does not contain the same concepts of the Japanese work “Ki” as does the Aikido art.

In this regard and in other regards as well, Kamishin Ryu is different and apart from this very fine jujitsu form. Kamishin Ryu requires one to totally master the basic and advanced Kuzushi-waza (Off-Balancing Techniques) and how to divert and/or lead the attacker in such a manner that he will fall.


The use of Mudo-Mawashi (the art of causing one to become non-aggressive by circular movement) is a key technique to be totally mastered. Twenty-five percent of all Kamishin Ryu throwing techniques and hold-down arts are based upon this movement. Close body contact is replaced by paring and guiding the attackers aggressive movements away from you. Many techniques encompass hidden hands striking of vital points of the attackers body while smoothly performing the art. Five percent of our arts contain leg usage to carry impact to the attackers body and limbs. The remaining part of this art covers muscle and nerve pressure points designed to cause short duration pain to the attacker permitting the Kamishin Ryu Jujitsuan the advantage for off-balancing or hold-down control.


Ukemi (Breakfalls) are somewhat different from the norm for the jujitsuan is strictly on their own, in full flight, with no assistance given them by the individual performing the art. Because of this important aspect, great care must be taken by Kamishin Ryu jujitsuans during practice to avoid in-flight collisions between fellow airborne jujitsuans. Many of our takedowns and trhowing arts actually drive the attacker forcefully to the floor. Therefore speedy breakfall application by the individual being thrown is highly important.


In most of our arts, the attacker is driven face/head first into the floor. We therefore train ourselves to be able to roll our bodies just prior to impact to lessen the degree of impact sustained injury. Falling is not to be taken lightly, even by the most advanced Kamishin Ryu jujitsuan. Breakfall practice is a must for all jujitsuans prior to engaging in serious practice. In the Kamishin Ryu form, it is used to warm-up the body to avoid injury from strain and to permit free-flowing movements during practice.

Kyoshi Neil Hourston - European Director

The UMAAI European Director is Kyoshi Neil Hourston, 8th Dan Kempo and JuJitsu. Kyoshi commenced study of the Martial Arts in 1985, he is a Professional Martial Arts instructor, founder of the Scottish Kempo Academy and the Yoshin Kempo Self-Defence system. Kyoshi is also founder of the Northern Budo Alliance, the World Martial Arts Society and is a member of various Martial Arts organizations.


Some of the Grandmasters who have awarded Kyoshi Black Belt status are: Professor James Muro, 10th Dan Kenpo / 9th Dan JuJitsu, Hanshi Ron Carlson, 10th Dan Kempo, Soke Andrew McGill, 10th Dan Kenpo, Soke Robert Clark, 9th Dan JuJitsu and Hanshi Peter Browne, 9th Dan Kempo JuJitsu. Kyoshi Hourston's Mentor is Professor James Muro. Kyoshi is widely known as a talented and dynamic International Martial Arts instructor who has taught and trained at seminars in the UK, Italy, USA, Portugal, Spain, Canada, Sweden and Holland. His practical teachings are based on Nightclub security experience.

Kyoshi Helen Beattie - Assistant European Director

Kyoshi Helen Beattie, 7th Dan Kempo and JuJitsu. Kyoshi is Senior Coach of the Scottish Kempo Academy and commenced study of the Martial Arts in 1988. She has received awards from numerous international instructors including her current Kempo and JuJitsu ranks from her Mentor - Professor James Muro, 10th Dan Kenpo / 9th Dan JuJitsu, Hanshi Ron Carlson, 10th Dan Kempo and other Grandmasters.


Kyoshi is a fighter who is battling to recovery from a near-death brain collapse, she is widely respected as a leading and competent female International Martial Arts instructor who has taught and trained at events in the UK, Italy, USA, Portugal, Spain, Canada, Sweden and Holland. With achieving a high level of excellence, Kyoshi Beattie is a role-model and inspiration for many female Martial Artists. Few females climb to the level which she has reached in the Martial Arts!

Allie Alberigo - Vice President

began his martial arts training in 1968 in a martial art style called Judo and Karate under one of the first multi-school locations - Jerome Mackey. At the age of 7 years old he attained a junior Black Belt when the school suddenly closed. Fortunately during this time period he also trained periodically with his cousin in the art of Aikido. His cousin a prominent martial artist also guided him to the rank of Black Belt earning his second Black Belt in Aikido.


Allie then met another teacher in the art of Shotokan Karate – studying to the rank of Brown Belt during high school. Allie became disheartened with the level of training due to lack of discipline within the class and decided to leave the school.


Throughout this time he was an avid reader of Black Belt Magazine and Inside Kung Fu and by chance was very lucky to run into his next teacher Tuhon Chris Sayoc of the Sayoc Fighting system of Kali/Arnis. Allie soon became a student and ended up training for many years as a direct student.

Allie Alberigo Pictures with Kasumi No Kamae

Henrik Nilsson - Sweden Representative

Henrik Nilsson is an all-round martial artist, who is especially renowned for his ability to make martial arts clean and simple to the worldwide market. He is a warm, affectionate and caring person who is highly motivated to care about and motivate people and see the best in people. Although he is a requested instructor, he continues to be a “humble student.”


Curriculum Vitae

Active in martial arts since 1989 Founded Swedish Combat in 1993



Title: Kyoshi, 2007-01-24

6 Dan, 2011-10-08

Ad. degrees 2 Dan Kickboxning, 2004-02-15 1 Dan Kickboxning, 2002 1 Dan Taekwondo (WTF), 2004-04-10 Green Belt Sholin Wu Shu, 2004-11-26


Ad. merits

WTF Taekwondo Instructor: E-3 (No: 0845), 2010-03-30


Reiki Master, 2003-10-03

Director: Helsingborg Combat Academy, 1995 – 2004

Director: Helsingborg Martial Arts Academy, 2004 – 2007

President: World Martial Arts Society, 2002 – 2007



Swedish Combat, 2011 (400 pages. Eng.)



Wmas pr-film, 2005

Mastering the LifeForce, 2005 Striking Points, 2006

Martial Arts – The Essentials, 2007 (DVD) Trademarks

Swedish Combat®, 2000

World Martial Arts Society® (Wmas), 2002

LifeForce®, 2003



World Jiujitsu Federation 1990 – 1996

World Kobudo Federation1996 – 1997

World Martial Arts Society 2001 (Lifetime membership)

Jiu-Jitsu International 2003 (Lifetime membership)

National Association of Professional Martial Artists 2004

Kyusho International 2006 – 2007







Pedro Miguel Porém Ferreira was born in Alhandra, Portugal, in 1972 and has from early on been a martial arts enthusiast. At the age of six he began to learn Judo at the ‘Juventude Alhandrense’ youth group.


With his enrolment in the military school ‘Colégio Militar’ in 1982 he was given the opportunity to learn other martial arts and combat sports alongside Judo, such as Boxing, Ju-Jitsu, Archery and Karate. Combined with his military education, this contributed greatly to his development as a martial artist as far as respect, honesty and humility are concerned.


In 1987 he began to learn Full-Contact and Karate Shotokan, and had his first contact with Kenpo.


From 1988 onwards Kenpo became his martial art of choice and in 1994 he brought Kosho-Ryu Kenpo to Portugal, founding the APKK (Portuguese Kosho-Ryu Kenpo Association) which in turn gave origin to the FPKK (Portuguese Kosho-Ryu Kenpo Federation).


Nevertheless, he has always practised other martial arts along with Kosho-Ryu Kenpo, such as Aikido, Ju-Jitsu, Tai Chi Chuan, Kick-Boxing, Kung-Fu, Chow-Hoon Goshin Jitsu and Taekwondo (among others), since he believes that no martial art is better than any other; instead, they form a unified whole.


As well as constantly travelling the world in order to deepen his knowledge, Shihan Pedro Porém is frequently invited to give training or internships, namely in Spain, England, Scotland, Cyprus, Sweden and the United States of America (Las Vegas, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Santa Rosa, San Jose and Hawaii).


Besides practising several martial arts, and with the purpose of developing in Kosho-Yoga and the Healing Arts, he has taken a number of courses: Shiatsu, Sports Massage, Relaxation Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reiki, Karuna and Hypnotherapy.

In conclusion, and apart from his vast experience and knowledge, we can say that the Shihan’s strongest trait is humility. Furthermore, even though he has been dedicated to teaching since 1991, he still considers himself “a humble student”.

Artusi Photo

SoshiSoshi Claudio Artusi of Italy


Claudio Artusi has been training in the martial arts since 1965. He has committed himself to the life long study and research of various martial arts. He travels extensively every year to train with top instructors from around the world. His training has taken him to various places including Japan, Finland, France, Scotland, England, Poland, Lithuania, and the US.  Soshi Artusi was born in Venice, Italy, in February of 1955. He started his study of Martial Arts very young. After completing his formal schooling, Artusi specialized in agro-industrial sectors and he has become an expert mycologist, wine specialist and an expert gastronome.


He is also well respected for his knowledge of Refined Venetian Art of 1900 and is an impassioned Old Japanese Weapons Collector. Soshi Artusi has become an Honorary Member of great many Organizations of Martial Arts and is a noted expert on Japanese philosophy and has received many honors, including having been appointed “Knight of the Roman Eagle”. At present, he works for Ministry of Health.


Soshi Claudio Artusi promotes many events in his country and he is highly esteemed for his sincerity and reliability.  In 2011 he received from the CSEN (Promotional Sports Centre) the title of "Knight of the Sport"  He is an author of books on martial arts, and writes for various sports magazines. We are honored to have him as part of our United Martial Arts Alliance International Family.  His motto is Always in Budo Spirit, …with Peace and Harmony.